Glory S. Spinuzzi Fine Art


    I was born on the Island of Sri Lanka in 1989. Being raised on an Island I have always had a fascination with the Sea. It has been one of the biggest inspirations behind my artistic journey. As a child I spent many beautiful days at my grandparents house in the port city of Trincomalee, their house overlooking the sea. The sea is a place where I find peace and calm. When I look at the expanse of the horizon, the harmonious movement of the waves and the sun sparkling on the water I feel reality become altogether lighter.
    I have always had a creative spirit. I began drawing and sketching at an early age, but my urge to express myself wasn’t satisfied until I tried painting. I began painting in 2012 as a hobby. As I painted more and more I found that there was a natural talent inside me that was waiting to blossom and I realized that it was a gift that God had given. It has been a truly magical journey as my painting has evolved and I am still spell bound as I watch an image unfold before my eyes. I love being a part of this wonderful process that unites me, the painter with people that have also been blessed with the ability to perceive and appreciate the beauty in life.
   Seascapes and the other aquatic scenes have always posed a great challenge to artists. The sea is an expression of my own quest for the ideal world and of my longing to depict pristine, unspoiled nature. In my water paintings I express the primeval desire to represent clarity and purity. My intention or the idea behind an image is not always what is perceived by the observer. The way a work of art is interpreted and registered always take its own dynamic. Depending on our cultural points of reference or our individual experience, an image may come across to us in a very personal way so that we play our part in shaping its interpretation and determining its meaning when there are so many vantage points.
    I am profoundly drawn to the organic nature of oil paint. I have found it both suits my personality and best represents the feeling and movement of the sea. The way it blends,  glows, moves and exists. It’s an incredible medium to work with.
    I make the brushwork quick and spontaneous, and shapes made up of lines, dabs and dots - only at a distance does what seems like a confusion of wildly applied paint turn into a recognizable composition. My technique is derived from my study of oil painting, and in particular, glazing which allows me to achieve the optimal depth and resolution. My current glazing technique is the result knowledge of the use of oil and resins. By employing glazing tried and tested in many paintings, I achieve the fascinating effect of depth in my latest variation of contemporary realism.
    Although I am a self taught artist, I have been mentored by Edward Park, a great and Internationally recognized artist. Today I live in Naples Florida with my husband and display my work at art shows and festivals in Naples, Marco Island and South West Florida.

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