Recognizing that art selection is a profoundly intimate process tied to one’s unique identity and values, I offer private consultations devoted to guiding clients to artwork that fully aligns with their creative spirits.

For collectors seeking guidance choosing an existing piece from my portfolio, I can schedule virtual or in-person sessions to view the body of work firsthand while answering any questions. I pride myself on insightfully translating clients’ artistic preferences, lifestyles, and intended display spaces into tailored guidance identifying portfolio works likely to resonate most meaningfully.

Additionally, I encourage clients to explore bringing entirely new creations to life through my custom artistic commissions. For those drawn to this deeper collaborative experience, my consultations focus on profoundly understanding the imagery, aesthetic style, emotional ethos, and technical components most aligning with my client’s vision.

Regardless of whether a client seeks portfolio guidance or a fully custom creation, my consultations are an open artistic dialogue centered on understanding my clients’ deepest creative aspirations. I firmly believe the transformative power of art is fully unlocked when collectors form meaningful connections with pieces speaking to their unique essences.

Virtual consultations allow me to view my clients’ interior spaces and curated design styles through photos and videos while asking thoughtful questions to pinpoint the precise artwork style and subject matter that will infuse their environment with beauty and personal significance. Local clients can schedule an in-person meeting to peruse palette inspiration and discuss dimensions, orientation, frame options, and preferred artistic media.

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